Cardinal & Castle Cove Sidewalk Repairs


PROJECT:  18th St Sidewalk Replacements, Cardinal Cove Neighborhood Sidewalk Repairs, Castle Cove Neighborhood Sidewalk Repairs

PROJECT OWNER:  Indiana Department of Public Works

PROJECT ADDRESSES:  Castle Cove – 82nd & Hague Rd.; Cardinal Cove – 82nd & Hague Rd.; 18th St from Montcalm to Gent

CONTACT:  Kevin T. Jones,, 317.448.6737

BID DATE:   August 5, 2022 @ 5:00 p.m.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  18th St. involves excavation and installation of new sidewalks and some demolition of existing walks; Cardinal Cove involves multiple sidewalk repairs and ramp installations; Castle Cove involves excavation of ground and installation of sidewalks and ramps.

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