Now Available: Value of Diverse Certifications Handbook

At the Mid-States MSDC office, we receive calls every day from diverse business owners looking for the answers to, “Can you tell me about certification?” or “Which type of certification do I need?”

Those answers can be as complex as the types of business owners in our community. Businesses may be certified as minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged, veteran, or LGBTQ. Certifying bodies may be national, regional, state-wide, city-wide, or specific to one area, like transportation. They may target the public sector or, like our organization, the private sector.

We created the Value of Diverse Business Certifications handbook to get diverse business owners the answers they need so they can understand certification and decide if it’s right for them and their business.

Please note that the details in this handbook focus primarily on the state of Indiana. We will be publishing two similar handbooks for the other two states we cover – Illinois and Missouri and we will periodically update the handbook.




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