Can I register and purchase ticket on the day of the event?

Yes, come to the 502 Event Center and purchase diverse owned business owner, nonprofit organization, partner, or corporate attendee tickets.

I cannot find the option to purchase tickets on your website. Can I still purchase tickets online?

No you cannot. We closed online registration and now onsite at the 502 Event Center is the only way to purchase attendee tickets.

Where can I find the agenda for the day?

When you plan to hand out agendas at the conference, however, you can go to and see the Agenda for the day of.

Where can I find details of sessions being offered on the day of the event?

Find session and other event information at

Will onsite Matchmakers be offered?

Onsite MatchMakers will be offered to businesses that are registered in the MatchMaker365 Software and matches have been created. We will work to make supplier / buyer in-person connections on the day of the events.

Can you share details of Power Networking session?

The Power Networking Session is for buyers and Suppliers that want help finding and connecting with suppliers that meet their contracting needs. Our team will work with Power Networking attendees to make sure they “Meet” and “Network” with their desired buyers and suppliers.

How can buyers and sourcing specialists best prepare for the day?

Buyers and Sourcing Specialist can best prepare for the day by creating their profiles in MatchMaker365 at and have matches generated and appointments set for meetings online. Additionally, more information about the conference can be found at

Will there be an expo?

There will not be an expo, we have moved to a more thoughtful leadership conference model. Attendees will find that greater connections are made via our online MatchMaker365 software, and our Procurement Experience Sessions will provide great insights, connection, and a platform for your sourcing needs to be shared.

Should we bring tablecloths, banners, or additional marketing to the event?

There is no need to bring any of these items as there will be no tables, booths, or expo areas for this information to be displayed or shared.

What is Matchmaker 365?

You can learn more about our MatchMaker365 partnership and how buyers and suppliers can create matches at Buyer Demo.

What is the Matchmaker 365 membership included in my sponsorship package?

Yes, your MatchMaker365 software is included in your attendee/sponsorship.

Who is invited to attend the Speaker and Panelist Reception?

We are encouraging our Speakers and Panelist to stay after they sessions and join in a special reception closing out a great conference experience. Supplier and buyers will be able to meet and connect according to what everyone learned and shared about all the upcoming procurement opportunities.