Thousands of U.S. corporations recognize our certification, and we strive to connect certified MBEs with these companies.

Once certified with your home council, your certification is good anyplace across the country in the service areas covered by the 23 regional affiliates of the NMSDC, which includes the 50 states and Puerto Rico. Corporate members utilize our database to identify MBE suppliers.

If you are doing business with a federal, local, regional, or state governmental entity, you may be required to obtain additional certifications.

Your MBE certification MUST be renewed annually.  We send 90, 60 and 30-day reminders to all of our certified MBEs, however, it is your responsibility to renew your certification before the expiration date.

Certification Schedule:

Applications Received By:Board Meeting Review: (Dates are subject to change)
January 31, 2022April 8, 2022
February 28, 2022May 13, 2022
March 31, 2022June 10, 2022
April 30, 2022July 8, 2022
May 31, 2022August 12, 2022
 June 30, 2022September 9, 2022
July 31, 2022October 14, 2022
August 31, 2022November 11, 2022
September 30, 2022December 9, 2022
 October 31, 2022January 13, 2023
November 30, 2022February 10, 2023
December 31, 2022March 10, 2023

The benefits of MBE Certification boil down to one word: Access. Certification gives MBEs exclusive access to:
1. National and Local Corporation’s Top Purchasing Agents
2. Executive Education Programs
3. Premium Networking Events
4. Searchable Supplier Databases
5. Affordable Consulting Services
6. Technology Programs

Many Fortune 1000 companies in America have supplier diversity programs in place. These programs are specifically designed for large companies to source products and services from minority owned businesses. They do this in an effort to keep their businesses in line with the shifting demographic profile of our country. These companies recognize that a diverse supply base offers a competitive advantage in today’s multicultural business economy.

In other words, large corporations are constantly looking for minority owned businesses to work with. They have supplier diversity programs in place to calculate exactly how successful they are in sourcing products and services from minority suppliers. Therefore one of the top benefits of MBE certification is that any contractual agreement between a corporation and Certified MBE is counted toward that corporation’s supplier diversity goal. Diverse supply chains lend greater innovation, flexibility, and countless other benefits that ultimately, help corporations achieve their business growth goals. These programs are not handouts or entitlement programs, but instead assist corporations in achieving their own business growth. But certification is a requirement.

The Mid-States MSDC hosts a number of large-scale signature events each year. These events are designed to put corporate members and MBEs in the same place to talk about business opportunities and to showcase MBE capabilities. Signature events include:
• Mid-States MSDC Procurement Conference – Indianapolis, IN
• Annual Golf Networking Social – Indianapolis, IN and St. Louis, MO
• St. Louis Business Networking Connect – St. Louis, MO
• Annual Awards Program – Indianapolis, IN

When your company becomes a certified MBE, it also gets listed in the national minority supplier database. This placement allows corporations across the country to find you for contracting opportunities and other business ventures.

The Mid-States MSDC offers small and large scale, in-person events that help MBEs develop and make connections, where needed. One of the benefits of MBE certification is that you gain access to experts and peers who can offer guidance to you, regardless of what your challenges may be.
• New MBE Orientation / Quarterly Meetings
• MBEIC and Corporate Industry Group Meetings
• Professional Development Sessions
• Mentor-protégé and other programs
• Educational programs
• Technical assistance
• Financial assistance and support
• Matchmaking & Networking events

With the Mid-States MSDC’s Indianapolis office space, we offer small meeting space for certified MBEs.