Supplier i.o conducted an independent Economic Impact Study in 2021, sponsored by Indiana University. The results are below.

Mid-States MSDC certified MBEs have an economic impact of $19.1 billion with more than 33,000 jobs held by persons who find themselves directly employed by Mid-States MSDC certified MBEs. These are jobs that not only support individuals, but also contribute to the economic wellbeing of their families, their communities, and the three (3) state region as a whole.

In many circles, with the rapidly changing demographics of the United States, the minority business sector is arguably the fastest growing segment of small business. Therefore, it stands to reason that ensuring the success of minority business will have significant, positive effects on both the United States economy in general and the Indiana, Missouri and Illinois economies in particular. Simply put the economies of the three (3) states under the jurisdiction of the Mid-States MSDC cannot reach their full and true potential unless the minority business community in each of the states is growing and reaching its full and true potential and the Mid-States MSDC, in its various iterations, has a long-standing history as a being a catalyst for that growth.