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Digital Dentist: Intraoral Scanner and Milling Chamber + In-Person Demonstration

Project Description: This is a list of information the vendors should be prepared to provide, along with other ad hoc questions during the presentation:

  1. Please bring in equipment to demo. The faculty would like to have hands-on with the equipment. Ideally, the vendor will be able to leave a scanner for IUSD to test for a period of about 1-month.
  2. Be prepared to provide both a lease and purchase cost opportunity with all necessary package information.
  3. Be prepared to discuss service package offerings, maintenance and update schedules
  4. Be prepared to provide other current university customers and partnerships
  5. Be prepared to illustrate or demo software package capabilities for specialized programs
  6. Be prepared to discuss how the vendor company will assist with integration, education, and training
  7. Please be prepared to ask any questions and answer any questions that may arise.

Project Location: 1121 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5186, United States

Bid Date: Demonstrations will be scheduled prior to bid submissions; the following dates (2/9/2022 and 3/9/2022) are available for demonstrations between (8:00 AM EST – 3:00 PM EST).

Contact Person: Email Ash Earls (anearls@indiana.edu)

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