Fort Wayne Nebraska Pump Station Modifications and Consolidation Sewer

Project Description: Installation of a new consolidation sewer to connect existing combined sewers around Nebraska Pump Station to Drop Shaft No.6. Regulator structure shall be installed to manage flows in the existing combined sewer and be utilized to send flows to Drop shaft No.6 upon completion. Isolation structure to Drop Shaft No. 6 and a Vent structure coming from Drop Shaft No. 6 shall also be installed. Nebraska Pump Station building shall be removed in its entirety. Pumps at Nebraska Pump Station shall be refurbished/replaced along with all associated electrical equipment, controls, monitoring, and other appurtenances.

Project Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bid Date: January 12, 2022 @ 2:00 p.m.

Contact Person: Justin Winenger, 317.359.5411 or justinwinenger@fawilhelm.com

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