HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services



1. The Contractor or Contractors shall provide maintenance and support for 1,402 HVAC systems

located in 10 residential sites as shown in Table 1 – Attachment A.

HVAC System Locations and Equipment as defined by the following:

A. Preventive Maintenance – regular, routine maintenance to keep equipment up and running,

preventing any unplanned downtime and expensive costs from unanticipated equipment failure.

This scope involves the systematic inspection of equipment where potential problems are detected

and corrected in order to prevent equipment failure before it happens.

B. Non-Emergency Repair – repair that does not impact the load and does not require after hours’


C. Emergency Repair – repair that has impact on load and requires immediate service. In

addition to preventive maintenance and repairs, the Contractor shall also provide assessment,

design and upgrade work of HVAC equipment as needed.

2. HVAC Systems Locations and Components:

The following table describes the locations for HVAC maintenance and support and the equipment at

each location. ( Table 1) HVAC System Locations and Equipment.

3. Additional Locations and Equipment Upgrade/Replacement:

A. The IHA shall have the right to add additional HVAC system sites anywhere within the

County or withdraw HVAC system sites at any time during the Contract period.

B. The IHA may replace or upgrade equipment at a site at any time during the Contract term,

which may result in cancellation or modification of maintenance services during the Contract


C. Any such changes shall be addressed under the Contract’s provisions governing modifications.

4. The IHA staff and roles in addition to the Procurement Manager:

The IHA will provide Operational Contacts for each facility who will function as the primary contacts,

respectively, in the event of an emergency and requests for facility access. The IHA may change the

Operational Contact at any time by written notice to the Contractor.

5. Replacement Parts:

Replacement parts will be charged to the IHA at the Contractor’s cost plus a percentage markup.

6. The Contractor shall be required to comply with National Electrical Code checklists and procedures for

preventive maintenance as published by the manufacturer.

7. Contractor shall supply for Personnel appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while servicing


pg. 2

8. The Contractor shall ensure that Contractor Personnel have received appropriate safety training for the

tasks to be performed. Offeror shall identify training strategies and programs in the Proposal.

9. Any Contractor Personnel provided under this RFP shall maintain in good standing any required

professional certifications for the duration of the Contract.

10. The Contractor shall maintain records of work performed, test results, performance reporting, and

written recommendations for every maintenance visit, and for any work recommended that is beyond the

scope of the standard manufacturer’s preventive maintenance and servicing schedule.

11. Preventive Maintenance:

A. The Contractor shall perform preventive maintenance quarterly or pursuant to the

manufacturers’ preventive maintenance and servicing schedule.

B. The Contractor shall conduct all preventive maintenance work during Normal IHA Business

hours on the IHA Business Days, generally between 8am until 5pm daily.

C. The Contractor shall furnish a preventive maintenance schedule and preventive maintenance

checklist within seven (7) Business Days of NTP.

D. The Contractor shall furnish updates to the preventive maintenance schedule and preventive

maintenance checklist within seven (7) Business Days of a change in date.

E. All consumables (filters and belts) furnished as part of a preventive maintenance service shall

be included as part of the preventive maintenance services pricing described in Proposal.

F. The Contractor shall include a signed service report for any preventative maintenance with the


12. Repair:

A. The Contractor shall provide non-emergency and emergency repair of the HVAC systems not

covered by the scope of preventive maintenance.

B. The Contractor shall provide service response confirmation within 30 minutes of any repair

call and for an emergency call shall provide on-site response within four (4) hours.

C. Emergency repairs shall be completed within 24 hours.

D. Non-emergency repair shall be performed during Normal IHA Business hours on the IHA

Business Days.

E. The Contractor shall identify and perform equipment repair as part of every preventive

maintenance visit unless otherwise instructed by the Contract Manager. Any repair initiated as a

result of a preventive maintenance visit is non-emergency repair.

F. The Contractor shall document service requests from the IHA, including date of service

request, service response confirmation, and other pertinent information to fully document the


13. Location Facility Access:

pg. 3

Access to facilities housing the HVAC systems will be coordinated through the Operational Contacts for

each type of site designated after Contract award. Contractor shall notify the Operational Contact by

phone or e-mail to coordinate site access and escort as follows:

A. HVAC systems located within secure locations shall require the accompaniment of an IHA

representative for access. Once the work has been scheduled with the Operational Contact, the

Contractor shall then schedule the required escorted access needed to perform the work through

the Operational Contact at least 10 days (7 days tenant notice required) in advance for preventive

maintenance work.

14. Assessment/Upgrade:

A. The Contractor shall provide HVAC systems assessment, design, and upgrade services as

requested by the IHA. Design recommendations shall include: 1) Scope of Work for any

recommended changes 2) Bill of Materials 3) Computer generated Data Center airflow,

temperature and cooling capacity modeling results and drawings 4) Documentation/diagrams to

reflect the proposed changes to the HVAC systems environment.

B. Deliverables from this assessment shall include, but are not limited to: calculations to show

current effectiveness and scalability for future growth; HVAC design options by pricing; phased

implementation plans with costs; diagrams of the floor plan with recommendations depicting

system, subsystem and vent locations; executive summary of changes and design options;

detailed parts list by manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and estimated hourly labor

rates for installation, contingency plan to maintain cooling if system needs to be shut down.

C. All calculations, written reports and drawings must be clear, concise, and understandable for

someone with limited understanding of HVAC systems. Calculations shall readily show the

current heat load in relation to the system’s effectiveness and the benefits of any changes to the

system. Floor plans shall address any additions/deletions/changes to any of the existing HVAC

systems and subsystems and should clearly denote air flow current verses proposed. Parts lists

shall be provided per design option with manufacturer, part number, quantity, description, and

MSRP price. All design options shall include total estimated hourly labor rate to install.

Contingency plan shall address any downtime required and all rental equipment with costs to

maintain cooling during outages.

D. The Contractor shall provide a scope of work, labor category and number of hours, bill of

materials and costs in writing via email in order to obtain approval prior to the start of any work.

The IHA’s Asset Management will provide any recommended equipment and/or parts prior to the

Contractor starting any work. Services shall not commence until the Director of Asset

Management issues a NTP to the Contractor.

15. Contractor-Supplied Materials/Equipment:

A. The Contractor shall have manufacturer approved replacement parts available sufficient to

fully support all the HVAC systems. Long lead times for parts or sourcing on the Contractor’s

end shall not impact the Contractor’s ability to perform repairs.

B. The Contractor shall have access to replacement equipment for HVAC systems 24x7x365.

pg. 4

C. Replacement parts shall be available no later than thirty (30) days after a site is added to the


16. Warranty:

A. All replacement parts and equipment shall be new and unused unless approved in writing by

the Contract Manager. All electrical items shall meet all applicable Occupation Safety and

Health Administration (OSHA) standards and regulations and bear the appropriate listing from

Underwriters Laboratory (UL), or National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

B. Manufacturer’s standard warranty shall apply. The manufacturer has the primary

responsibility to honor a manufacturer’s warranty; however, Contractor shall assist the

Department with respect to warranty claims. Warranty service, extended warranty, and recall

work to be performed under this Contract shall be performed in accordance with the

manufacturer’s warranty, including any cost to the IHA for labor, materials, parts, installation, or

any other costs.

C. Contractor warrants that all parts, equipment, and service delivered under this Contract shall

conform to the specifications of this Contract. All parts and equipment are to be provided and

installed as required to meet manufacturer’s specifications and documented installation


17. Multiple Awards:

A. the IHA reserves the right to make multiple awards

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