New Faces, Constant Commitment

If you’ve been associated with the IMSDC for some period of time, you know that we have some new faces, including mine. I joined the staff in April and soon promoted two employees to new positions:  Ivan Baird was promoted from Director of Certification to Vice President of Finance and Administration and Denika Thomas’ role was expanded and she was promoted to Executive Project Manager.  Shortly thereafter the Project Director for the MBDA Business Center passed away suddenly, leaving that position vacant.  As we began the search to fill that role, there was another vacancy in that office – the business development manager position.

We recently filled the Director of Certification position and hired D. Lynn Kirkland as well as the two MBDA positions, hiring Liz Booth Gibson as the new Project Director and James Knight, Sr. as the Business Development Manager.  All of these recent promotions and new hires have strengthened the IMSDC team but what remains constant is our commitment to growing minority businesses.  We all share a passion for what we do and look forward to using our skills, talent and commitment to serve our corporate members and the MBE business community.

As we work to build our network of corporate members and certified MBEs we will also be expanding and strengthening our reach statewide and hope to have a physical presence in the northern part of the state (as we once did some years ago) and an even stronger presence in southern Indiana.

Stay Tuned!


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