Subscription Services for MBEs Available Now

Subscription Services for MBEs interested in services from the Mid-States MSDC above basic certification services are now available. Subscription Services are paid services provided by the Mid-States MSDC.  Any certified MBE can subscribe. The services offered by the Mid-States MSDC are below. Please note that Subscription Services may vary from council to council. You can download the registration with complete descriptions of each service and purchase your subscription immediately. You will also be able to do so online in the very near future.

Subscription ServiceCategoryClass OneUnder $1M$400Class Two $1M-$10M$550Class Three $10M-$50M$700Class Four $50M+$700
MBE CEO AcademyDevelopXX
GovWin – MBDA (1)*ConnectXX
Industry Bus ToursConnectXX
Magazine Subscription(Indiana and Missouri Minority Business magazines)ConnectXXXX
10% Discount on Workshops/ Tradeshows/etc.AdvocacyXXXX
Industry Groups (Energy and Healthcare)AdvocacyXXXX
CEO Speakers SeriesDevelopXX
Three way Meeting With Key Decision Makers (Staff, MBE, Corporate Member – Four/Year)ConnectXXX
Council Newsletter (subscription required only for MBEs not certified by the Mid-States MSDC)**ConnectXXXX
A La Carte
MBE CEO AcademyDevelop$400$400$400
GovWin – MBDA (1)Connect$675$675$675

*GovWin subscription requires signing up as a client with MBDA Business Center.

**MBEs certified by the Mid-States MSDC will receive the newsletter as part of their basic certification.  MBEs outside of the Mid-States service area will receive the newsletter for twelve months from the time the subscription starts.

MBE CEO Academy

The CEO Academy is a group of 20 Presidents/CEOs representing our larger MBEs who meet quarterly with a corporate CEO to learn how to become more strategic in growing their companies.  While they have achieved noteworthy success in business, many are unsure how to transition from operational to strategic leadership.  The CEO Academy allows them to gain an understanding of how Indiana’s top CEOs lead their firms, provides them formal instruction, shares best practices between leading MBE CEOs and builds lasting bonds to drive collaboration and continued support.


GovWin is a business consulting tool used to find and track federal, state and local contracting opportunities from Pre-RFP to Post Award. This tool is available to Mid-States MSDC certified MBEs with revenues of at least $1 million.  Access to this database on the open market costs in excess of $6,000.

Industry Bus Tours

Facilitated by the Mid-States MSDC, this is an opportunity for MBEs to have corporate supplier diversity professionals and buyers visit their facilities, host and introduce their products and services in a half-day session.

Magazine Subscriptions

The Mid-States MSDC, in partnership with The Recorder Media Group is providing two subscriptions to quarterly publications – The Indiana Minority Business Magazine and the Missouri Minority Business Magazine.  These publications focus on minority business, lifestyle and diversity.

Discounts on Workshops/Tradeshows/Etc.

Subscribers will receive a 10% discount on all events and workshops, over and above the standard MBE discounts received during the registration period.

Industry Groups (Energy and Healthcare)

Led by the Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC), the 2014 Industry Groups will focus on the energy and healthcare industries.  This is an opportunity for MBEs in these fields to work with the MBEIC to promote insight and expertise on how to grow sustainable MBEs in those industries.

CEO Speakers Series

This series is similar to the MBE CEO Academy but targeted for smaller MBEs.  MBE CEOs that have grown their businesses to multi-million dollar enterprises will share insights with our smaller MBE CEOs on how they have been successful in growing their businesses.

Three-Way Meeting with Key Decision Makers

Joint meetings facilitated by the Mid-States staff that goes above and beyond the annual event matchmakers and business opportunity fairs.

Council Newsletter

The Wednesday Morning Wake Up is the Mid-States MSDC’s newsletter that is published every other week.  This publication has information on bid opportunities, training and development for MBEs and corporations and periodically features MBEs.  In addition, it is your main source for council news, events and opportunities.

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